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For side dishes, snacks for sake, snacks, and gifts. Wish you to try different flavors

Fried Fish Cake (Tempura) Series

A popular tempura with a delicious taste that you won’t get tired of.

Fish cake which is fried high-quality white fish paste in white refined and squeezed rice oil, is also called as Satsuma-age.
You can enjoy the taste and texture of the ingredients, such as fish paste with fresh vegetables harvested locally and sardines caught near sea and carefully processed and kneaded.

A group of products using Fish Cake (Kamaboko) dough.

When fried, steamed, or baked in the factory, the elastic texture and flavor are strongly felt, and the original taste of surimi fish is enhanced. Please try the unique taste of each product.

Fried Fish Cake Series

Won the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Award

“Fish cake mixed with bean curd” won the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Award twice in 2000 and 2007 at the National Kamaboko Fair, which selects excellent fish cakes of that year. We are delighted that our products made with all our hearts are highly and widely evaluated, and we pledge to continue to do our best in the future too.

Steamed Bamboo-Shaped Fish Cake “Chikuwa”

Baked Bamboo-Shaped Fish Cake “Chikuwa”

Handmade Fish Cakes “Kamaboko” Series

It takes a lot of daily efforts to process fresh raw materials to make it ready for next processing step, depending on the season and the daily changes in temperature and humidity.
Experienced craftsmen are sensitive to the changes and keep maintaining the stable taste of the product. Kamaboko is all handmade. Please try the fine and elastic texture.

Oden(vegetables and fish cakes etc. in soup stock)Room Temperature

Our Oden is made by 4 kinds of ingredient i.e. our fish cake products, konjac, egg and vegetables and then stewed in a special bonito dashi soup stock.
This the one we very much proud of.

Spicy Fish Cake Snack SeriesRoom Temperature

“Spicy Fish Cake Snack -Salt taste-” won the grand prize of “Kochi Family Delicious Food Award 2021”. Click here for more information (sorry but all are in Japanese)
※dolphinfish is not dolphin and is called in other word as “Mahi-Mahi” “Dorado” “摩訶摩訶” “Mó hē mó hē”

Tasty Fried Fish Cake-“PON” SeriesRoom Temperature

Fried Fish cake series that can be stored at room temperature and easily heated in the microwave oven.
“PON” at the end of the name is because it makes a sound as “PON” when warmed up in the microwave.
Items are as under.
A “Ginger taste fried fish cake-PON”
B “Burdock taste fried fish cake-PON”
C “Bonito taste fried fish cake-PON”
A convenient fried fish cake that can be stocked and stored at room temperature.
These products can be recommended when you are a little bit hungry before lunch or dinner or as a snack for sake (Japanese liquor).


We combined the deliciousness of Muroto, such as an assortment of our own “Bean Curd texture Fish Cake”, an assortment of “tempura”, and an assortment of “SAWACHI ingredients for celebration day”.
Please use it not only for your home use but also as a gift with all your heart. For gifts to special people, we will wrap it in Japanese rapping cloth.
But this gift set is limited to Japan only for the time being.