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Shape of Cherry Blossom Fish Cake

Japanese cherry blossoms are world-famous as beautiful flowers. We made the fishcake in the shape and color of the cherry blossom petals. If you put the slices of this product on the celebration table, it will be even more beautiful. If you put this product on a congratulatory meal or a regular dining table not only in spring but throughout the year, it will create a gorgeous and bright mood.

Contents: 1 piece in pack
Preservation method & The best-by date:
①Keep refrigerated under 10℃: 7 days after production date
②Frozen under -18℃: 365days after production date

※ After de-frosting, the best-by date is 7 days, but please store in the refrigerator and consume as soon as possible. If you re-freeze it again, it may become sponge-like-texture and the taste will change, so please do not re-freeze it

※ Allergy information :This product contains “Egg” as a raw material.
This product is manufactured in equipment that uses flour, milk, soy and chicken.
The raw material fish eat shrimp and crab.