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Ginger taste Fried Fish Cake-PONRoom Temperature

Products for microwave ovens. 40 seconds at 600 watts
(Can be warmed with boiling water) (retort)

When warmed, it has a freshly fried taste.
This product is the item since the company was founded.
We have added high grade ginger which contains a lot of ginger ingredients, harvested in Kochi prefecture, to our original founding fish cake products. The taste of white fish is accented with refreshing ginger.
No preservatives or colorings are used.

Contents: 1 piece
Preservation method & The best-by date:
①At room temperature (but should avoid direct sunlight): 100 days after production date
②Keep refrigerated under 10℃: 120 days after production date

※ Allergy information :This product is manufactured in equipment that uses eggs, flour, milk, soy and chicken.
The raw material fish eat shrimp and crab.