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Photo: Spicy Fish Cake Snack -Salt taste-

Spicy Fish Cake Snack -Cheese taste-RoomTemperature

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A spicy fish cake snack made from 100% dolphinfish from Kochi.
You can also enjoy it as a snack.
Fresh dolphinfish caught in Muroto was made into paste at our own factory, and the taste of dolphinfish was brought out using Muroto deep sea salt, which is rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, silicon, nitric acid, etc.
And we kneaded the flavorful parmesan cheese powder. Furthermore, the taste is accented with natural umami spices.
No chemical seasonings, preservatives or colorings are used.

Contents: 1 piece
Preservation method: At room temperature but should avoid direct sunlight.
The best-by date:180 days after production date

※ Allergy information :This product contains pork and milk as a raw materials.
This product is manufactured in equipment that uses eggs, flour, milk, soy and chicken.
The raw material fish eat shrimp and crab.

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