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ODEN (vegetables and fish cakes etc. in soup stock)

The raw materials are
“Sweetened Tempura” produced at our plant
“Steamed Bamboo-Shaped Fish Cake” (Chikuwa) produced at our plant
“Fried fish cake roll with burdock” produced at our plant.
And also vegetables (radishes, carrots), harvested from the 200 hectares of fertile land in Muroto, the Nishiyama Plateau and the Sakiyama Plateau.
It is said that vegetables become delicious in the highlands, where the temperature difference between hot and cold is large.
“Konjac” that uses plenty of water from the clear stream Niyodo River.
“Fresh Eggs” came from nearby.
All the raw materials are stewed in a special dried bonito shavings soup stock.

All are made in Kochi, and are safe and secure products without using synthetic sweeteners or colorings.
Because it is compact retort pack and not bulky, you can take outdoors without any trouble. You can warm in microwave oven as well as with boiling water.
3 minutes in the microwave oven to warm or 5 minutes in boiling water. Please keep in the refrigerator under 10℃ in summer.
Many people like to eat with mustard.
After finish eating ingredients, put the remaining soup on rice or noodles is also good to feel the utmost happiness.

Contents: 1 piece in retort pack
Preservation method: Keep refrigerated
The best-by date: 120days after production date

※ There is a product in aluminum packaging instead of vinyl packaging, and the best-by date is one year. Please contact us for more information.
※ The photo above is of 2 packs.
※ Allergy information : This product contains “Egg” “mackerel” “soy” “flour” as raw materials.
This product is manufactured in the plant house that uses milk and chicken.
The raw material fish may be eating shrimp and crab.

Dried bonito shavings caught and processed in Kochi

By using the finest dried bonito shavings more gorgeously, we brought out the refined taste.

Eggs from Kitagawa Village

Kitagawa Village near Muroto is surrounded by a lot of nature.
Eggs born from chickens raised there are used. It has the original taste of eggs that feels nature.

Vegetables from Nishiyama Plateau

Radishes and carrots are harvested on the fertile Nishiyama plateau in Muroto near the factory and processed while maintaining their freshness.

Kochi’s proud Konjac

We use konjak made from 100% domestic konjak potatoes. A lot of water is needed in the manufacturing process of konjac. For that reason, we use the water of the Niyodo River, which is famous as a clear stream. Please enjoy the difference in taste and texture.

Halal certified Oden

We also manufacture oden that has been certified by the Japan-Asia Halal Association for both domestic use and overseas use.
Please contact us for more information.