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Fried Fish Cake Roll with burdock

Start by boiling raw burdock, mince it and mix it with the white fish paste. It is a self-confident work that you can feel the soft texture of white fish paste and the chewy texture of burdock at the same time.

Contents: 2 pieces in pack
Preservation method: frozen under -18℃
The best-by date:365days after production date

※ After de-frosting, the best-by date is 7 days, but please store in the refrigerator and consume as soon as possible. If you re-freeze it again, it may become sponge-like-texture and the taste will change, so please do not re-freeze it

※ Allergy information : This product is manufactured in equipment that uses eggs, flour, milk, soy and chicken.
The raw material fish eat shrimp and crab.