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CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and Sustainability

Yamamoto Kamaboko takes a small step out for the happiness of all those who support us.

Contribution to customers

We will contribute to everyone’s health by conducting business activities in a stable, firm and sincere manner, and providing safe, secure and delicious food.

Contribution to employees

We aim to provide a place to work without discrimination, to create a work environment that is worth working and enjoyable. We will respect human diversity and contribute to a rich life both mentally and physically.

Contribution to suppliers

We aim to be able to produce and supply safe, secure and delicious food to consumers, and we are grateful and would like to build continuous relationship with those who cooperate with the supply of materials and equipment, etc.

Contribution to the community

We would like to contribute to the development of the local community through food by supplying not only domestically but also to the world in cooperation with the region by keeping the taste that the region has created and continued, and at the same time by making further progress in accordance with the chang of time or era.

Contribution to society

We will promote sound business activities and strive for the development of society. In order to contribute to a prosperous society, we will have moral and ethical standards and comply with internal norms and other laws.

We sympathize with and cooperate with the SDGs, which set sustainable goals to create a prosperous and healthy world on a global scale, as well as contributing to a un-limited range such as the communities and business relationships with which we are connected. I will come.

Initiatives for SDGs 

The SDGs, an initiative adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in 2015, aim to create a sustainable society that transcends nations and generations.
Even if it develops temporarily due to technological progress or economic expansion, it must be avoided that the result makes the world unhappy, and we have set goals to strive for sustainable happiness in the world.
It may be difficult for Yamamoto Kamaboko to achieve all 17 goals of the SDGs at the same time. However, we think to start up is the important, and we would like to make an effort with particular emphasis on the following.

[Achievement target standard-3]

Health and welfare for everyone in the world.

We aim to prevent lifestyle-related diseases and reduce stress by developing safe and nutritious foods so that people all over the world can live healthy lives.

[Achievement Goal-5]

Achieve gender equality

We will continue to provide assistance to improve each person’s abilities and a place where they can exercise their abilities and work so that everyone can lead a healthy life.

[Achievement goal-8]

Both job satisfaction and economic growth

We will endeavor to improve the quality of our work, develop the economy through contributions to society, and make efforts so that society as a whole, including employees, can lead a healthy and prosperous life.

[Achievement Goal-12]

Responsibility to produce, responsibility to use

We will reduce food loss due to waste and overproduction of raw materials by producing according to an appropriate plan.

[Achievement Goal-14]

Let’s protect the richness of the sea

We will continue to pursue research to commercialize not only major fish that are in high demand but also fish that are loved locally which are sometimes disposed. We are proposing new eating methods and menus through activities to disseminate knowledge about fish for the sustainability of the sea.
In addition, in order to clean the sea, which is our starting point, we are conducting cleanup activities near the coast with the intention of reducing waste such as plastics as much as possible.