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The taste of Muroto, Kochi Pref. keeping traditional & natural taste stubbornly, that is call as “Igosso Taste” in Kochi dialect and this is our basic policy

Our products, fried, steamed, baked fish cakes etc. are one of major foodstuff of famous traditional Kochi cuisine “SAWACHI” (plate bowl dish)

Seasonal seafood and agricultural products are served on a platter in a plate bowl dish, which is a dish of a happy day to pray to God for a good harvest.
Our products are made by kneading the flavor of fish in the platter, are as valuable as spiny lobster and bonito “tataki”. By serving food on a platter, it is said that they were able to surround the table together with busy women while preparing a meal.

There are 5 secrets and commitments of deliciousness of the product created by Igosso spirit.

The Japanese word “Igosso” is a dialect of Kochi area and means very stubborn and too straight. If you use a preservative, you can extend the expiration date, and if you use a sweetener, you can easily bring out the flavor. But we are “Igosso”.
We are sticking to natural ingredient as “Igosso”
We use ingredients, salt, water, and oil to create the healthy taste that is created by combining natural ingredients without compromising, keeping the taste that the human body wants for health.

We are sticking to the good raw materials like Fish, Salt Water, Oil and so on.

The basis of the deliciousness of kamaboko and tempura is the goodness of the ingredients, fish, salt, and water. In the case of tempura, oil is also added onto the basis.
In addition to the goodness of the material, we mix technology, experience, ingenuity, customer evaluation, craftsmanship, etc., and knead, steam, bake, and fry as a unique manufacturing method.

The product is the simpler the better in taste, without adding various additives. That is why our Kamaboko and Tempura are difference in taste compare with the other products which contain additives.
We take pride in using natural ingredients as much as possible for fresh, high-quality seasonal fish, and we are proud of our craftsmanship and experience without relying on additives.
As for salt, deep sea water salt and natural salt are used according to the product and application. We try to maximize the natural sweetness and deliciousness by combining several types of salt and adjusting the addition ratio.
The water used is not tap water, but natural groundwater that springs from the Shikoku Mountains. Delicious water rich in minerals brings out the deliciousness of Kamaboko and tempura.

As for the oil, we use rice oil that has been refined by squeezing good quality rice. It is a high-class oil that is smooth, has a light flavor, and does not leave oiliness.

We believe that it is better not to use additives because of our belief in making safe and secure products.

Food is something that children and the elderly eat every day. Therefore, we would like to provide safe and secure products to many people. Therefore, we are particular about not using additives. For example, preservatives allow products to be stored longer than natural ones. If you use sweeteners, you can easily make something that feels sweet and delicious, and at the same time you can reduce the cost.
However, preservatives and sweeteners, which are called additives, are not always good for your health.

So, as us
1)We do not make products that use unnecessary additives
2)We do not make products that must use additives,
3)We continue to research what can replace additives with natural materials.
We are working on these three as our commitments to safety and security.

Local production for local consumption as much as possible.
We love Muroto and wish to contribute to Muroto where our plant is located, employees are living, the people who supply raw materials live

The town of Muroto facing the Pacific Ocean, where the Kuroshio Current, which is rich in nutrients and abundant in fish, flows slowly, has prospered in the fishing industry for a long time.
Blessed with various fishery resources such as yellow tail in winter, early spring bonito, returned fat-laden bonito from the north in early autumn, tuna and horse mackerel, dolphinfish, mackerel, splendid alfonsino, striped bonito, matsubara red rockfish, etc.
On the other hand, sweet potatoes, carrots, radishes, ginger, eggplants, tomatoes, etc. are cultivated in the Nishiyama plateau and Sakiyama land, which are soils rich in minerals. These local products are used to produce “Oden”, and the dolphin fish landed at the fishing port was used to produce spicy fish snack.
We will continue to try to develop new products using local safe and secure ingredients.

Handmade by Craftsmen.
Commitment to Hygiene

What is the reason why it is delicious when made by craftsmen? Perhaps it is because the amount of salt, baking time, steaming time, and frying time are changed in 0.1 second increments by capturing daily changes such as temperature and humidity.

I think that the adjustment based on the experience of the craftsman is the main reason why the deliciousness does not change.
In order to deliver the deliciousness to everyone as a safe product, health management of craftsmen, freshness management and temperature control of materials and products, hygiene management such as cleaning of manufacturing equipment such as fryer, repair immediately even if the damage to machinery/equipment are exhausted, we thoroughly inspect the machinery/equipment for damage to ensure safety.

I want to cross the border between countries with deliciousness.
Commitment to halal foods.

There are many muslim countries. They are eating halal foods, those are permitted by islamic rules. Yamamoto Kamaboko has acquired Halal food certification in order to deliver delicious food to overseas. I want to cross the borders between countries with deliciousness, and I want to eliminate borders with deliciousness.

Obtained halal certification