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The road that Yamamoto Kamaboko Ltd. has walked and now.

Our company was founded in 1938 at Murotsu in Muroto,Kochi Pref where quite a lot of fishs are landed.

Muroto, where Yamamoto Kamaboko is located, is a fishing town surrounded by the Pacific Ocean. Blessed with abundant marine resources, the fishing port was lively and the city was prosperous due to the landing of bonito and tuna. Fishermen boarded a large boat and headed far to the Atlantic fishing grounds in search of tuna.

When longline fishing started, fishermen couldn’t stop working for almost half a day, and it is said that they ate only rice balls and tempura to save time. Yamamoto’s fried fish cake (tempura) was loaded as food on the boat that went out to the pelagic fishing. Fishermen who knew the taste of fish better than anyone recognized the taste and nominated and like Yamamoto’s tempura.
Yamamoto’s tempura is elastic, including the sweetness and deliciousness (Umami) of nature. It is a taste raised by fishermen who know all about fish. Founded in 1938, it stubbornly preserves the taste created by the first Mitsuru Yamamoto. Because we are “IGOSSO”.

History of Yamamoto Kamaboko Ltd.

1938 The first president Mitsuru Yamamoto started Kamaboko Manufacturing at 2667 Murotsu, Muroto City
1968 Yamamoto Kamaboko relocates factory to current address
1986 Started trading with major business partner Sun Shine Muroto
1988 Ryuichi Yamamoto took over the business as the second president
2000 2000 National Kamaboko Fair (Tokyo tournament) “Kamaboko Tofu (Fish cake which contain soy bean curd)” won the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Award
2001 July. Re-organized and changed as Yamamoto Kamaboko Ltd.
2007 “Kamaboko Tofu”(Fish cake which contain soy bean curd) won the honor Grand Prize at the National Kamaboko Fair (Osaka tournament)
2011 “Sashimi Kamaboko” won the honor Grand Prize at the National Kamaboko Fair
2012 “Sashimi Kamaboko” won the honor Grand Prize at the National Kamaboko Fair
2013 “Sashimi Kamaboko” won the honor Grand Prize at the National Kamaboko Fair
2014 Masayuki Yamamoto became the third president and took over the business
2016 Obtained Kochi Prefecture HACCP Stage-1
2017 Obtained Kochi Prefecture HACCP Stage-2
2018 Established the logo mark of Yamamoto Kamaboko Ltd.
2019 Redesigned package of tempura and kamaboko
2020 Started exporting to Indonesia
2021 Started shipping to Shanghai, started shipping to Dubai, completed facility registration to Vietnam, started shipping to Malaysia

Company Overview

Company Name Yamamoto Kamaboko Ltd.
Representative Representative Director Masayuki Yamamoto
Address 2431-1, Murotsu, Muroto City, Kochi Prefecture
Zip Code:781-7102
Year of Foundation 1938
Year of establishment July 2001
Capital 3 million yen
Number of employees 14 people (as of September 2021)
Type of industry Fish paste product manufacturing industry
Manufactured products Fish cakes(Kamaboko, Fried Tempura, Bamboo-shaped fish cake(Chikuwa)etc.

For product inquiries, please contact mentioned as below

2431-1 Murotsu,Muroto City,Kochi Prefecture
Zip Code:781-7102
TEL : +81-887-22-0011
(in English: +81-90-9306-9373)
FAX : +81-887-22-4825
Mail :
(in Japanese: yamaten610@muroto-kamabokoya.jp)
(in English: morigaku4711@ybb.ne.jp)
Office Hours: 08:30-17:00
Office Close: Sunday and new year holidays
URL: http://muroto-kamabokoya.jp/